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We are Cryonics, your search engine optimization agency in Chandigarh and India. We are ambitious about SEO and to work with ambitiours clients like you to get your website ranked at top of Google. We will help you get more traffic, more leads and more sales.


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There are thousands of websites online, ranking on Google when someone searches for a product or service you offer. How do you make sure your website is the one that gets clicked on? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO will bring visibility to your products or service. Without this visibility, your product or service won't sell.

We at Cryonics work with ambitious business owners like you to bring more traffic, more leads and more sales to your website and your business. We do this by optimizing your website for the search engines such as Google and Bing so that your website ranks at the top. We have SEO experts who work and explore the industry to gather insights and enhance the SEO of your site so that you do not have to worry. We handle it all for you.

Depending on the type of business you have, there is E-Commerce Store SEO, Local SEO, Shopify SEO, WordPress SEO, and many others. When you get on a call with us, we will discuss your business and analyze which type of SEO do you need and how we can help you and offer custom plan that works for you and your business the most.

If you are ambitious about your business, get on a call with us where we discuss everything as said earlier and offer you a custom plan that works for you and your business the most.

What Does Our SEO Agency Services Include?

SEO Auditing

SEO Auditing

Your dedicated SEO Strategist will hunt out optimisation opportunities on your website. Once they’ve finished auditing, they’ll get stuck in working through optimisations in highest priority order.

Our SEO audits pick up everything from bad links that could be damaging your website’s authority, to technical issues holding your website’s rankings back.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research has moved on a lot since the days of exact match domains, but what’s more important than ever is understanding the searcher’s intent.

Our keyword research identifies the commercial terms likely to lead to revenue and the informational terms that indicate a potential buyer in the early stages of their search.

Analytics Set-Up And Auditing

Analytics Set-Up And Auditing

Analytics data is the best way to understand what is working well and not so well for a website.

Your SEO Specialist will audit your existing analytics setup, and make sure your tracking is working properly to deliver the insights you need as we start work.

Page Optimization

Page Optimization

We’ll optimise your website’s pages for the most profitable keywords for your business. We map the most relevant keywords for each page to prevent keyword cannibalisation and hyper-target pages for search.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis

While links can help a site’s ranking; unfortunately, some links can do more harm than good. Spammy, low-quality links — purchased from shady agencies or providers that don’t care about quality as much as volume — can hold a site’s ranking back.

CTA and Copy Optimization

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the more complicated side of SEO. We’ll get under the bonnet of your website to make tweaks and implement schema markup.

Technical SEO includes improving a website’s crawlability — how easy it is for web crawlers to navigate and crawl a site. Improving the usability and crawlability of your website can lead to page loading time improvements too.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

We will also audit your website’s competitors. This way, we can assess whether they are currently doing any SEO work themselves and their strengths and weaknesses.

Analytics Analysis

Content Creation

New content may be needed to target the searches your audience is making, particularly if you’re in a competitive niche or your website is a long way behind competitors.

Link Building

Link Building

Links are still highly relevant in SEO and are incredibly powerful for improving the ranking of a website.

Rather than focusing on link volume, we focus on contextually-relevant, authoritative links. These links establish your brand’s expertise and authority while getting you in front of your target audience.

What's Involved in Search Engine Optimization?

The goal of SEO is to improve your website so that it ranks better in Google and other search engines and drives more traffic to the website. The best SEO Campaigns make continual imrpovements according to how rankings respond, Google's algorithm changes, and as new website competitors enter the field. Your SEO Campaign might need time to time re-assessment and re-allignment.

Step 1: We Analyze Your Current SEO Campaign

We kick-off every SEO campaign with an audit of your website and analytics setup. We’ll make sure everything’s firing correctly so we can track where your website visitors are coming from, where they’re going to on your website and what actions they take.

Step 2: We Analyze Your Industry and Competitors

Your SEO Specialist will research your competitors and their websites’ rankings. They’ll look for opportunities that can be built upon to improve your website’s visibility and increase organic traffic.

This competitor research will include a review of your competitors’ SEO strategies, content, and the types of links they’re building — and how they’re building them.

Your competitors’ content and link-building strategies often indicate what’s working well in your space — or not. Some of your competitors will have been making SEO improvements and testing over several years, whereas others will be leaving money on the table. So we’ll also be on the look-out for gaps we can exploit.

Step 3: We Draft Your SEO Strategy

Based on our research, we will draft a list of best actions to take to improve your website and hit your long-term traffic, leads, and revenue goals. These tasks will include:

  • Optimisation of your website and its content
  • The creation of new content
  • The improvement of off-site SEO signals — such as the quality of content linking to your website.

Step 4: We Create Outstanding Content

Your target audience will have many questions before they make a purchase. We will work together to make your content as relevant as possible for each query.

By providing the best possible content for your audience’s different search queries, your website is more likely to be highly valued. This value should lead to an increase in brand authority, trust and ranking improvements.

Step 5: We Analyze Results and Make more Improvements

We will continually work towards monitoring the results and making more improvements to bring about net positive change in your SEO. We will continually work towards looking at how your website ranks and what steps we are taking and what your competitors are upto.

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"These guys at Cryonics are excellent. They created a website by understanding from just an idea. Created the design and then the website itself and did a great job at SEO of the website and bringing sales. I am very happy with their work and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a website."

Review by Dr. Rajesh Tayal

Dr. Rajesh Tayal

Owner, Dr. Tayal's Ayurveda and Panchkarma Center

"I am incredibly impressed with the work Cryonics IT Services has done for Shattayu Ayurveda. From the very beginning, they understood our mission to promote longevity and enhance the quality of life through traditional Ayurvedic practices. They developed a visually stunning and user-friendly website that perfectly reflects our branding and makes it easy for our patients to learn about Ayurveda, book consultations, and purchase our products. Their attention to detail and commitment to our project was exceptional. The website is not only optimized for search engines and mobile devices but also designed to drive high conversion rates. The seamless user experience they created has already resulted in increased engagement and sales. I highly recommend Cryonics IT Services for their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to delivering outstanding results."

Review by Dr. Sheetal Garg

Dr. Sheetal Garg

Founder, Shattayu Ayurveda

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5 out of 5 stars on Google

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